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Address 234 Main St. Monroe, CT  06468
CT Heating & Cooling License Heating & Cooling S-1 302743
CT Heating Oil Dealer License #52
Phone: Monroe: 203-261-3668 
Danbury:  203-743-5709 
Southbury / Woodbury 203-264-3040
FAX: 203-268-0769
Toll Free Phone 1-800-994-FUEL (3835)  In Connecticut only
Office Hours
All departments: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Sales Dept: Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SENDING E-MAIL TO SIPPIN ENERGY: Because of the volume of e-mail we receive including JUNK mail, it is imperative that you request a READ RECEIPT any time you are sending an e-mail to us.  This way you know that we received your e-mail and have read it.

Staff E-Mail Listing

Sippin Family Members
Gary Sippin
Operations Manager, Vice President
PH: 203-880-6786
Dave Sippin
PH: 203-880-6783
Heating Oil Delivery Department
Dave Quong
Oil Delivery Manager
PH: 203-880-6800
Rudy Altieri
Heating Oil Dispatcher
PH: 203-880-6803
Fleet Department
John Sears
Fleet Manager
PH: 203-880-6804
Service Department
Al Breda
Service Manager
PH: 203-880-6801
Guy Somers
Assistant Service Manager
PH: 203-880-6817
Jeremy Bartow
Service Dispatcher
PH: 203-880-6799
Phil Divencenzo
Service Dispatcher
PH: 203-880-6794
Heating Oil Sales Department
Art DuBois
Oil Sales Manager
PH: 203-880-6815
John McCann
Oil Sales Representative
PH: 203-880-6811
Heating & Cooling Equipment Sales Department
Joe Rajcula
HVAC Sales Representative
PH: 203-880-6785
Bill Kochiss
HVAC Sales Manager
PH: 203-880-6795
Credit Department
Patty Gaffney
Credit Supervisor
PH: 203-880-6808
Customer Care Department
(For questions regarding a Sippin Energy account)
Roberta Convertito
Office Manager
PH: 203-880-6807
Regina Monaco
Customer Care Supervisor
PH: 203-880-6787
Linda Delallo
Customer Care Agent
PH: 203-880-6806
Susan Shaw
Customer Care Agent
PH: 203-880-6782
Maurene Rose
Customer Care Agent
PH: 203-880-6802
Accounting Department (For questions regarding customer accounts, e-mail any customer service representative listed above)
Paula Dayton
Accounting Manager
PH: 203-880-6789